The Importance of Originality


Preston Bailey Originality Unique

A client of mine recently made a very interesting observation. She said she was surprised by how many event designers were doing such similar work; the portfolios she was shown often had the same sleek, modern look. They were all beautiful, but they all lacked originality. She even jokingly asked if there was an annual design convention where we all got together and decided on one style.

I think there are a few reasons why this might be happening:

1. We’re eager to follow new trends.
2. We’re bombarded with images of other designers’ work on the internet and on television.
3. The sleek, modern look is much easier and less expensive to pull off. The fewer the flowers, the lower the cost.

But regardless the reasons, I think my client’s observation is an important reminder to all of us that we need to work diligently to maintain our own design integrity.

Dear Readers, do you agree with my client? Do you feel like a lot of designers are doing the same thing? Do designers embrace the minimalist style because it’s cheaper?

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