The Honor Of Servicing The Client

Petros Chrisostomou

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Dear Readers:

Meeting with clients is one of the most important and personal aspects of my job as a designer. Not only is it my job to sit and listen to their dreams, desires, fears, likes and dislikes, it’s my responsibility to honor the privilege they have bestowed upon me by using their vision as the muse for the design I am being asked to create for them.
Whether a florist, designer, planner, or professional in production, we are really dreamweavers.  We are in the beautiful (and often chaotic) busineness of creating the foundation and backdrops of some of the most important moments in the lives of our clients.
These are some big shoes to fill!
I write this post as a way to remind all of us (myself, included) to hold onto the true essence of why we are in this business and the incredible privilege it is to spend our days doing what we love for people who love what we do
Today, I would like to ask all of you: why do you feel honored and grateful to do what you do?
(Photo Courtesy of  Petros Chrisostomou)