The Holiday Potluck: Secret Santa, Good Food and More!


Dear Readers,

Last Friday, my staff and I chose to celebrate the many wonderful holidays with an afternoon potluck.  My wonderful planner, Kathy Romero, worked to make sure everyone had a “secret santa” (my first experience with this lovely exchange) and we all brought in something wonderful to share for lunch.  Being that we have such a diverse staff (both in background and personality) we wound up with everything from Thai food to truffles.  To add a bit of wonderful Latin flavor into the mix, I asked  Chef Ricardo Cardona of Cardona Catering to provide some of his specialties.  To say that he didn’t disappoint would be an understatement.  We were literally hovered around his delicacies which included pairings such as oxtail and plantains. Yum!

Music and the wonderful sound of laughter— which is really music in and of  itself–flowed through the room and good wishes and warm hugs were given as some said goodbye for the rest of the year.  Fortunately for us, the amazing photographer, Karsten Staiger was on-hand to capture these precious moments on film.  I thought I might share a few of the photos with all of you.  Do share some of your happy holiday tales with us!