The Experience Of You

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The Experience of you on Preston Bailey’s Blog


Dear Readers:

Very recently, while chatting with a colleague over lunch, I found myself in awe of a beautiful and elegant lady who was walking into the restaurant with a gorgeous and classic black clutch in tow.  There was no frantic cell phone tapping or an ounce of frenzy in her step.  She was dripping with dignity and totally in control of her personal space.  I looked over at my companion who was at this point, also an audience member.  The encounter was over in a brief moment, but those of us who looked up from our own iPhones and Blackberries long enough to experience the lesson in elegance were left with a lasting impression.

This made me think about the way in which we, as people, design our own reputations and help to create the experience of those around us.  As a statement piece sets the tone of an event, so does our entrance set the tone of our encounter.  Paying attention to the small details of the story, our companion is sharing and infusing the exchange with surprises of our own, (i.e. an interesting fact we have come across or a wonderful introduction to a book or exhibit we have discovered) allows us to keep the conversation lively and exciting. Making sure to give our full and complete attention to those in front of us and exiting with gratitude and grace leaves our colleagues, companions, friends and even strangers wanting more (time with you, that is).

Today, I would like to ask all of you to think about the ways in which you present yourselves, not only to clients, but to the world.  Are you always looking into your phone, rushing from one place to the next or are you fully present, in control of your time and gracious in your exchanges?  What would you like to do better?



(Photo Courtesy of  Home and Garden Design Ideas)