The Changing of The Season

sunset on beach preston bailey designs
sunset on beach preston bailey designs


Dear Readers,


Living in New York, one can always sense when the season is coming to a close.  The airports are crowded with travellers taking their final “last-minute” vacations, and there is a bittersweet “back-to-school” energy that permeates the air as well as the sense that one is excited to be reintroduced to Fall while sad to say goodbye to summer.


Though I am one of the few people I know who does not mind working through summer and vacationing in the freezing winter months, I too find myself lamenting a bit.  When this happens,  I like to remind myself that every end is a new beginning, and nostalgia can be lovely but also a little distracting. It’s important to remember that the change of seasons offers a wonderful opportunity to reassess a situation and make tweaks in our presentation, professionalism, portfolio, and even our personal relationships in order to move forward as better versions of ourselves.  Knowing exactly what to “let go of” is as essential as knowing what to grab ahold of.


I’d like to suggest that all of us in the event industry take a page from the fashion designers in the world.  Most of them are asked to create two to four brand new collections and present them to the public.


In today’s blog, I would like for us all to list what design or practice we are willing to leave behind.  Perhaps you will stop “giving away” your talent or let a design stay in the past.  What new practice are you willing to implement in its place?  I believe
that the first step in making a change is to put our desire into words.


Go ahead, dream away…






(Photo courtesy of Flickr)