The Beauty of China


Dear Readers,

Greetings from Sanya, China!  I am here for a speaking event with with IdoIdo and can tell you with great confidence that I fall more in love with the culture and country as each moment passes.  The hospitality I have received has been truly humbling.

In honor of my trip, I thought I might share some images from the  exhibition of  Chinese embroidery which was sponsored by the Chinese National Academy of Arts and showcased at the Chinese Museum of Women and Children in Beijing. The exhibition highlighted over 100 artists with an emphasis on the four major styles of Chinese embroidery; Su Xiu (Jiangsu Province), Shu Xiu ( Sichuan Province, Xiang Xiu (Hunan Province), and Yue Xiu (Guangdong Province).

I have a deep appreciation for the exquisite atttention to detail and the hours of committment these artists generously hand over in order to present us gorgeous contemporary pieces that honor a tradition that has brought a sense of elegance and joy to collectors all around the world.  What do you think?

It’s quite late here. Until tomorrow!





(Photos  Courtesy of China.Org)