The Art of Transformation: Draping


wedding reception decoration
One of the most important parts of achieving a dramatic transformation is covering walls and ceilings through draping. For the Celebrations party, the Armory was an amazing challenge because it was such a raw space. We needed to hide A LOT. Luckily, I worked with one of the best drapers in New York–Gio Gonzalez of Gio Draping Events.

One of the clever ideas we came up with was creating a tunnel entrance into the armory. Standing at the beginning of the tunnel, a person had no idea what they might find at the end. I loved that you could walk through this dark tunnel (draped with black cloth and illuminated by purple lighting) and end up inside the party space greeted by enormous trees and a long printing press/runway right in the middle of the room. Gio also helped me with the draping for for Ivanka Trump’s wedding. Here’s a picture below.

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It’s fascinating that within the event industry, this is one of those specialties that can get overlooked. But don’t make that same mistake.  Draping is an essential part of creating a transformation.
Do you use draping in your designs? Tell me about your biggest transformation.