The Art of Being a Business Person and an Artist


preston bailey artist

(Image via Niami Anuxine)

My passion is my art; I love being a designer and a florist. But the business side of my work is much trickier for me. I get so involved in the creative process that I forget to consider cost. Many years ago, when my business was deep in debt, I realized that if I didn’t get smart about business, I wouldn’t be able to keep creating my art. If I didn’t design, I didn’t know what I would do: I design, because I have no other skills. Even if I never got another client again and had to do something else for work, I know I’d keep daydreaming of heavenly event spaces; I can’t help it. Maybe some of you can relate.

Juggling your art with business savvy is hard, but here are three tips I’ve learned along the way. I hope they help you as they’ve helped me:

1. TRUST in your ability to create. Some artists buy into the lie that being an artist is only reserved for a select few. But if creating your art makes you feel alive, then you are an artist.

2. Be WORTHY. When we create from our hearts, our creations have worth. Do not let anyone tell you differently. And always, always charge what you’re worth. Don’t short change yourself or your art.

3. Making MONEY is also an art form. Embrace this truth.

The bottom line is that if you are an artist who believes in your worth and your creations, you will become a great business person. It really is as simple as that.

Dear Readers, are you charging what you’re worth? Do you see yourself first as an artist and second as a business person? Or, do you recognize that you must give to both equally?

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