The 3 Least Popular Bridal Flowers


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My brides frequently have very strong and very negative feelings about certain flowers. Usually, it has something to do with a bad childhood memory.

I can relate; I don’t love Birds of Paradise, because when I was growing up in Panama they grew like weeds in our backyard, and it was my job to get out the machete and cut the grass around them. This was not an easy chore, and I’ve never forgiven the very beautiful Birds of Paradise for my trouble!

Here are the three types of flowers my brides seem to dislike more than any other:

1. Carnations. At one point in my career, I vowed never to use carnations in my arrangements. But then I figured out that they were the perfect flower for creating my floral animal sculptures. Never say never! However, this is definitely the #1 flower my brides despise.

2. Gladiolas. My brides‘ distaste for carnations is followed very closely by their dislike for gladiolas. Years ago, when I was just beginning my floral career, I visited my mentor and best friend (the famous interior designer Vicente Wolf), and he had at least three dozen white gladiolas in a round glass bowl. I remember thinking it was the most elegant and gorgeous flower arrangement I’d ever seen. Then I learned that gladiolas are common funeral flowers, which I guess is why so many brides don’t like them. I think it’s a shame. In my opinion, it’s time to bring back the gladiola!

3. Tropical Flowers. Most of my brides are adamant that they don’t want tropical flowers anywhere near their wedding. This includes heliconias, anthuriums, birds of paradise, etc… My brides tell me these flowers just aren’t romantic. But whatever happened to the exotic bride?

Flowers, much like fashion, go in and out of style. Just because these flowers aren’t popular right now, doesn’t mean they won’t make a huge comeback next year or the year after that. You never know.

Dear Readers, what flowers do your brides dislike? Are there any flowers you personally prefer not to work with? Please share!

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