The 12-Foot Reem Acra Wedding Dress I “Wore”

Reem Acra wedding dress, Preston Bailey
Dear Readers,


By now, many of you have seen the wonderful dress Reem Acra made for my wedding. I am so honored to have “worn it” and loved the positive reaction of all of my guests. I have known Reem for years and have had the pleasure of working with her many times. When I told her that Theo and I had become engaged (five years ago!), she was ecstatic and offered to dress us on our big day.  We were over-the-moon!


Not only is Reem a brilliant designer with a one-of-a-kind approach, but her shows are very theatrical.  It’s no wonder that when I mentioned my idea of creating a gigantic bridal dress for my reveal,  she loved the idea! 


The dress you see above was made from three different couture designs from her latest collection and had 400 yards of tulle and 1,000 flowers. When I saw it for the first time, I was stunned by how massive and beautiful it had turned out. It was truly beyond my wildest dreams. On my wedding night, I climbed “under” the dress to be transported out, and by the sounds of the vocal expressions of the guests, it was clear that many believed that it was me, and not a body double, who was the one wearing the dress. I was thrilled when I emerged to a round of applause, as I knew at that moment we had pulled it off.


Celebrations are about fun, aren’t they?


Reem was kind enough to design the tuxedos Theo and I wore at the alter and for the rest of our special evening as well.


Thank you so much Reem for everything.


What do you think of the dress?