That vendor should never share any images of any client’s wedding on Instagram, without their permission.



IT’S MY OPINION: That vendor should never share any images of any client’s wedding on Instagram, without their permission.

Dear Readers,

I think Instagram is an amazing way to share the images with the world of your beautiful work. In fact, I have talked to many vendors that mentioned, that they have gotten a lot of work by showcasing their floral designs on Instagram.

Personally, I did not have such a great experience with sharing images on Instagram. Not too long ago, I was setting up the wedding of a beautiful bride, who’s lovely mother was very excited about all of the designs that we created for her daughter’s wedding.  To my dismay, I got an angry call from her the same afternoon while we were busy setting up; she claimed that one of her guests’ sent her an image of the wedding set up already being posted on the Instagram, that too a couple of hours before the wedding.

Still, in disbelief, I told my client that this was impossible because all of my vendors signed confidentiality agreements.  I promised the client that I would look into this matter personally as soon as I get off the phone. Well, I found out that I was wrong, and it happened.  It appears that one of the helpers from a delivery company, who came to dropped off some furniture, took iPhone shots of our work in progress, and posted it on Instagram displaying “By PB Floral Design.”

I called my client right away and apologized for something that should not have happened in the first place but something not in my control. From this experience, I learned the lesson the hard way, with a solution for each event after that; have one person in charge who is making sure that no one takes any pictures when we are setting up an event.


Do you think you should get your clients permission, before sharing images from the wedding set up on your Instagram or any other social media platform? Or do you find that unnecessary?