Thanksgiving – With a Twist


Marc David Photography Preston Bailey

Dear Readers,

My sister and I are hard at work on our event, and the food looks delicious!  I always enjoy my sisters cooking and appreciate the different variations she does on some old favorites.  As with design, I really appreciate finding the balance between old traditions and new innovations.  This weekend, while reading New York Times Magazine, I came across a piece about the “2-D Thanksgiving” which highlights different ways to go about making a turkey.  This made me think about how fun it is to surprise guests with twists on tradition.

Having been honored with the opportunity to travel around the world and throughout the country, I have met folks who have done some incredible things with their holiday meals.  Deep fried turkeys, stuffing made with Challah bread, BBQ sauce slathered on their bird.  Some families, like my own, make a meal with staples from the countries they were born in.  I know of an Italian family who serves “Turkey Lasagna”.

I would like to ask you how you make special meals like this one your own?  If you are in the states, please share what your Thanksgiving meal looks like.  If outside of the country, share with us one of your favorite holiday foods (and what the holiday honors).

Lastly, I would like to take a moment to say thank you to all of you who share these moments with me.  It is a pleasure to have you at my proverbial table, and to have a seat at yours.

Many Blessings,



(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest by Marc David Photography)