Thanksgiving Preparation


Without question, one of my favorite parts of planning for the holidays is when we start thinking about food and decor (basically, now).

This year, I am having about 50 friends and family members over for Thanksgiving dinner, and after doing practically every color under the sun for past Thanksgivings, I’m thinking about creating the ultimate all-white Thanksgiving table.

(Arroz con pollo image via )

I love the arrangement I have with my family for Thanksgiving. I create all the decor and general setting and my two sisters Aminta and Olivia take care of all the food.

We even started a food tradition. In addition to all the great tradtional Thanksgiving food and trimmings, my sisters also like to prepare some food to honor our Panamanian heritage.

This year they’re preparing our traditional arroz con pollo and tamales. I am planning to break my new raw food diet so I can enjoy these panamanians delights. Can. Not. Wait.

(Tamales image via)

What type of design are you planning for your Thanksgiving table? Other than turkey what is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Is there any food you prepare a bit “out of the box” for this holiday?