Tendencias Weddings and Events in Cartagena Colombia


Tendencias Weddings and Events Colombia Preston Bailey Speaking Event

Next week I’m going to be speaking at Tendencias Weddings and Events at the Santa Clara Sofitel Hotel in Cartagena, Colombia. If you’re free May 14-16, you should join me!

In 2007, I had the great pleasure of designing a wedding in Cartagena for a lovely bride named Natalia; I’m very excited to return to such a beautiful place that is home to so many kind and hospitable folks. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that this time I get to go with so many good friends like planner Marcy Blum, lighting expert Ira Levy, and the great music trend setter, Valerie Romanoff.

That this conference is taking place at the amazing Santa Clara Sofitel is just the cherry on top!

We’ll also be remembering a great talent and treasure, the late William Baena, who I had the pleasure of working with on Natalia’s wedding. It still aches to think he is no longer with us. He was taken from this world far too soon. Florarte, in a very touching gesture, is designing this event in honor of him.

Simone Lejour and the many great talents in Cartagena are pulling out all the stops for this memorable event; they are even designing the coffee breaks as wedding dessert tables. How cool is that?!

Don’t miss this event, my Latin-American friends — I’ll see you there!

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