Switching Gears: Making a Career Switch


Dear SG:

I’d like to share a wonderful quote from Tom Hiddleston: “I try not to make too many plans because God laughs at your plan. I am going to keep the door open and the pages blank, and see what God paints on them.”

I know that every single business book out there advises us to create a perfect business plan.  Although I think that this is a valid approach, I also think that we need to be very open to what feels right. When I first started out as a florist, I had passion but no plan. Therefore, I remained open to guidance. I truly believed that, in order to be focused, one also needs to learn to be flexible.

This is my humble approach to growing my business:

Business from the Heart: I always try and recognize what feels right for my brand while staying true to what feels right to me, as an artist. In my personal case, I believe that good service and dramatic designs are key, not to mention writing my blog.

Focus on Your Own Path: I try very hard not to be preoccupied with what my competitors are doing. I truly maintain a high respect for all of my competitors as true artists. I believe that, as artists, we all have different stories to tell. Focus really hard on telling yours in the best possible way.

Put It Out There: For many artists, the most amazing ideas are the ones that stay in their heads. I have been guilty of this on more than one occasion. Be fearless in your work.

Here are a few other suggestions:

Try working on 5 new ideas or concepts every week. Keep changing or revising these ideas until they work for you. The best part of this is that, even if they never work for you, you will still learn something valuable that will help you grow as an artist and develop your brand.
Always trust the voice of God to guide you.

Stay open to new suggestions and allow those around you to share their ideas and view of the world with you. Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere if you are open.

Question: Share with us at least one new practice that you are doing to improve your business or yourself as an artist. In an effort to boost creativity and get an information exchange going, I went from having one long weekly meeting with specific staff members to having a 15-30 minute morning meeting every morning with my entire staff.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)