Stop Giving The Same Old Tired Party Favors Everyone Else Gives

gift ideas

I have been to many fantastic events where I received gigantic bags of goodies (most of it very useful, but some ending up in my re-gift closet), but there are times where I’ve received a favor that was especially spectacular (like special cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, Kiehl’s products, or a 1 hour massage treatment).

Before we get into talking about spectacular favors, let’s pull back and ask this very simple question:  Do you think it’s necessary to give your guests a party favor after you’ve spoiled them all night with great decor, great food, and great entertainment?


For me, the answer is a big fat YES.

However, please do not give another frame or candle. If you choose to give a present, make it relevant and something that’s special to both you and your guests. The price tag is not that important (though I truly did love receiving that hour long massage).

For example, one party favor I like to give a lot when I entertain at home is the gift of leftovers. I always make sure to have extra food and nice containers so that each guest can leave with their own package. (I’ve been told many times that it was a great way to re-live the evening the next day.)

gift ideas

Another thing I object to is please DO NOT put your favors on the table as part of the decor.  Most of the time your guests don’t know what to do with it during diner, and sometimes, as we break down the event, we find that a lot of guests simply forget to take them.

A much more dramatic and memorable way to distribute party favors is to instruct the waiters to come out with your favors on silver trays and hand them out to each guest individually.

So tell me, what was the most exciting party favor you have ever given or received?