Spotlight: Florists


Dear Readers,

Happy Friday!
As you may know, today billions of people around the world will be watching the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics in London.  This ceremony always gives me goosebumps because it’s a beautiful celebration of teamwork and respectful competition on a global level.  Athletes striving to be their very best, for themselves, their team and the residents of their respective countries.
In the spirit of teamwork, I would like to have one day a week where we acknowledge a peer here on the blog.  As I mentioned last Friday, I would like to shine a spotlight on talented and dedicated professionals who are deserving of recognition.  This week, I would like you to please share links to the website of your favorite florist in the comment section (feel free to include your own).
I would like to ask that all submissions include:
-A link to a website with at least 3 photos of the florists best work.
-A couple of sentences explaining why this florist deserves to win.
-A contact name, number and email.
Let the games begin!
(Photo Courtesy Passion for Profit)