Something can not be done, until someone does it.



It’s my opinion: “Something can not be done, until someone does it.”

I think one of the most overused expressions by the artist is this metaphor, “Thinking out of the box”. I wonder if all of us are up to the challenge, of creating designs that are very different and unconventional.

Well, let me tell you, It’s not easy. At the moment, I have a full library of designs that I have attempted and done, which perhaps would never see the light of day. Because either they are too risky for my clients, or maybe they are just too far out.
In my experience, most clients regardless of what they say, are very comfortable moving with the norm. Socially, they do not want to take any risk that might make them look too different. So we are the force, to keep repeating the same designs that they repeatedly see on Instagram.

For this reason, I think most of the work in the event business, is all beginning to look the same. I also believe that we have become a bit lazy about challenging ourselves and creating our vases or accessories instead, we find it convenient renting the vases or accessories from the rental companies, looking alike.
Most artist, including myself at times, are more concern with “what sells” very well on market instead of “what could sell” well.

It’s my opinion that as an artist, it is a time that we start taking a risk with constant reminder to ourselves that, “Something can not be done, until someone does it.”

Do you find most clients wanting to copy something that they see, or are they asking you to create something new and different?