Six Tips for Creating a High End Website


This is an interesting conundrum–you want to create a high-end website for a platform (the Internet) that is inherently mass market (when anyone and everyone can get to your URL, that’s as mass as you can get, right?).

Well, here’s the thing. Within the millions of pieces of content out there, lives tiny niches that reach out to very specific types of people who are seeking very specific type of information.

I’m sure I don’t have to define “niche” to you since you know that our industry is a niche itself, but I think this is an important point to remember when creating your website.

Sure, anyone can get to it, but you don’t want just anyone.

Depending on your industry and your business, you want the folks that will relate to what you are offering and eventually buy or call you to request your services, right? So, how do you do that?

Here are six tips for creating a high end website:

  • If your business is high-end, you probably already have a strong brand identity. Ensure that this identity shines through in your website.
  • Invest in a strong graphic designer and smart web developer. There are millions of places that allow you to “do it yourself” but if you want your website to have the polish of being professional, you’ll need professionals to help you create it.
  • In terms of designing your site, every brand is different, but when designing think of the basics of what makes something elegant: simplicity, striking visuals and minimalism. Less is always more.
  • I’ve said this before about other aspects of your business, but this is especially important for your website–think about your brand and how you can execute it differently from others. Think of the language you use. The imagery you use. The website’s functionality. Visit other high-end sites you admire and see how you can take what they do best and do it better.
  • Update your website regularly. Some folks build their website once and then forget about it. I would suggest that as your brand evolves, the website evolves with it. If you begin to offer new services, make sure you highlight that. If you change your logo, or update your marketing materials, update your website. The easiest way to have a cheap looking website is for it to stay looking the same for years. Not only that, you want to ensure that the information you’re putting out there about your business is up to date.

Sometimes it helps to have examples for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite high-end websites:


What are your favorite high-end websites? And what one aspect of your website makes it stand out from all the others like yours?