Showing Courage In Your Work


Dear Readers,

Happy Friday and a happy holiday weekend to those of you in the United States.

Today, I would like to you talk about courage and risk-taking.  We live in a world that pressures us to conform to what is popular at the moment instead of what feels most authentic to us.  Many people aim to be “trendy” whereas I feel it is much more rewarding (and fun) to identify your likes and dislikes, desires and wants, and to start your own trends.

As artists, we not only have the opportunity to wow our audience with bold statements and small surprises, but also to educate them, inspire them, open their minds, and create moments that may even leave lasting imprints on the timeline of their lives.  Whether we are expressing ourselves through floral design, planning, catering, theatre, music, painting, sculpture, dance or writing, putting ourselves out there takes courage. This is especially true if we are attempting to do “the impossible,” whether it’s combining pallets or textures in a new way or introducing and marrying new flavors.

There will, no doubt, be times when we will take a risk and fail, but there will also be times when we make a statement so powerful that it surprises all who see it, most especially ourselves.

Today, I would like you to share with me how you plan to get out of your comfort zone and  show even more authenticity in your work.