Should there be a price tag on creativity?



Dear Preston:

I am an event designer, and I am also like an artist that is full of new and exciting Ideas. My florals and space designs are known for their clean but yet dramatic point of view. I usually charge for my flowers, tables, lighting, etc. But should I be charging for my creativity?

Dear Artist;

YES, there is no question that there should be a price allocated for your artistry and creativity. It is always a challenge to explain to the clients, for the simple reason that creativity is not tangible. I believe, there are two ways you could charge for your creativity.

First: For example, If your floral arrangement that you designed have a price tag of $100, then add another 15% for your artistry so selling price should be $115.

Second: In most of my jobs, because we spend so much time designing, and doing renderings and floor plans, we usually have an itemized column in our proposal where we add our Design fee. This fee is calculated, based on the hours spent in development of the newer idea. Most of my clients are ok to pay additional cost after they have an initial meeting and have seen all the effort that goes into designing a custom concept.

So, I think cake designers, lighting designers, drapers, planners, musicians, invitation designers, and calligraphers, DJ, etc., are also an artist, and they should find a way to charge for their creativity. After all, interior designers and architects have been charging a design fee for years. Why not event professionals, who work long hours and sometimes months of creativity goes into designing an event!

Dear Readers:

As an artist, do you find it difficult to charge for your creativity? What do you think about adding a price tag on your creativity?