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Last week I had the great privilege of meeting a really fun family with a daughter who is getting married. I love the vision they have for her wedding, and I’m very excited about being their event designer. I also suggested a wonderful wedding planner on my staff, Kelly Irwin, to help them plan this big and special event.

But they told me that they don’t need a planner, because they’ve decided to plan the wedding on their own. I was shocked! This wedding is a huge undertaking; there’s no way they’ll be able to plan it by themselves.

Then they told me about a horrible experience they once had with an event planner. Apparently, the last time they hired a planner she left everything to the last minute and presented them with a bill full of outrageous charges. They mentioned this planner’s name, and she happens to be someone I know. Understandably, the experience has made them leery of all planners.

I’ve been in the wedding and event business for many, many years, and I’ve also had the unfortunate experience of unhappy clients. If one of my clients is unhappy with my services, I want to know about it. I want to be able to make amends, but I can’t do that if I don’t know they’re displeased. I also want to be able to prove myself to them!

So, dear readers, my question to you is simple: Should I contact the event planner my clients had such a bad experience with and tell her what they told me? If I were her, I think I would want to know and have the chance to learn and improve. But maybe it would be best to leave it alone… what do you think I should do? Please share your advice in the comments. Thank you!

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