Should I Let This Guest Know How Pissed I Am?


Dear Preston:

I just had the most beautiful wedding last month. I was very happy with my flowers and designs, but I was so annoyed with one of my friends; she was so rude!  First, she took the liberty of inviting a friend of hers to my wedding at the last minute (without telling me).  Then, she had the nerve to change her place card to a table she felt was more suitable for her.  I am not sure if I should say something or let it go.  My memories of my wedding are lovely, but this is really bothering me and I don’t want it to spoil my wedding.


Dear Annoyed:

First of all, congratulations on your wedding.  Second, you have every reason in the world to be upset. I know they say to “forgive and forget” but, let’s be candid;  what kind of friend does that? Inviting someone to your wedding without telling you? That’s just plain disrespectful.  I am sorry to be so blunt, annoyed, but I think this “friend” of yours is not a friend at all.  I suggest you write her a letter and express how upset you. Get it out and then let it go. The most important thing is that you do not allow her tacky behavior to spoil your special day.   As a side note: I have been been in the wedding business for a long time and I have learned that there is always something the bride is not happy with, regardless of how “perfect” the wedding is. In your case, it is a very rude friend.  Remember the joy you felt at your wedding, say something to this “friend” of yours and then move on with your good memories.

Readers: I would have given this guest a piece of my mind, but I want to know what you would do if you were this bride.