Should Brides Consider Their Bridesmaid’s Personal Tastes When Picking Their Dresses?


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One of the things I love most about working with new clients is having the opportunity to get to know them and see the world through their eyes while offering a gentle guidance. When one of my brides approached me to ask me to help her find bridesmaid dresses her party would feel comfortable in (and want to wear again), I was thrilled to meet the challenge. You see, I love fashion. I mean, love, love it! There’s something very special about exploring different designs, colors, and fabrics and combining them in a way that feels unique and special to you. The fact that this bride cared about her bridesmaids enough to search for something they would feel comfortable in was really wonderful to me.

As we scoured through the magazines and walked through the stores, I could not help but fall in love with the  laser-cut designs that are popping up in such interesting places. Sure, there are the gorgeous invitations, but also fantastic shoes, stunning bridesmaid dresses, and even brides are opting to wear the look down the aisle. I find the look stylish, timeless, and when executed correctly, deeply sophisticated. My bride agreed and wound up with the full approval of all eight maids.

Not only would I love to know your thoughts on the laser-cut style, but also your thoughts on the bride and her responsibility to the comfort of those in her party when it comes to the design of the bridesmaid dresses.  Do you think she should take different personalities, body types and color-preferences into consideration?

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Kathy Romero is the Director of Event Planning for Preston Bailey Designs. She shares her thoughts and advice on Preston’s Blog every Thursday.

(Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)