Shaking Things Up

Preston Bailey Blog: Shake Things Up
Dear Readers:
Happy Monday!  Have you ever been so overwhelmed with new ideas and inspiration for change that you don’t even know where to start?  This is exactly how I feel on this beautiful summer morning. I am feeling vibrant, enthusiastic and ready to shake things up and take inventory of what has been working, what’s not, and then do something about it. It’s very exciting when the mind and spirit convince the ego to step aside and allow room for a new point-of-view. I firmly believe that energy, enthusiasm, and creativity inspires others to meet you with the same, whereas stillness and stagnancy only bring more of the same. As an artist, I am always looking to express my creativity in ways that please my clients. As a businessman, I want to also make a profit so that I can continue doing what I love for many years to come.
In today’s blog, I would like to have you answer the following questions and play along a little:
I. Think about the past six months. How many clients have you made happy?  How many clients made you happy? How many times did you find yourself joyful and grateful or stressed out and concerned?  How will you work to not only make your clients happy, but extract joy from the relationships with and work you do from them?
II. Do you find that you are able to make the client extremely happy while still making a profit? Or do you find yourself giving your work away or handing it over for less than you feel it is worth?
III. How fullfilled do you feel as an artist?
I believe these are key points to acknowledge every few months as we work to move from one level to another. I believe summers are a great time to have fun, nurture change and really do our best to regroup. In the blogs this week, we will really be talking about ways to inspire change in our lives on both a personal and professional level.
I can’t wait to read your responses!


Photo courtesy of Pintrest