Seriously, Do you really need a videographer?


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Seriously, Do you really need a videographer? Isn’t it enough to have a good

It’s a question that I often get from many of my brides, and my answer is
“Absolutely, Yes.”

For all of us that have had a wedding, one thing is for sure, it takes months to
plan, and the wedding day comes and goes by so fast that it is hard to
remember the details of the most awaited day.

I believe, a cinematic video of the wedding day may be the best way to relive
that experience. It applies to all the events from social to corporate.

I am so thrilled to have made the decision to capture my recent PB Protege
workshop at the Breakers in Palm Beach and had the opportunity to work with
one of the amazing videographers Ruben Senderey and Caroline Senderey to
create a video of the three-day course. Thanks once again to Senderey
videography team from for the fantastic job.

Please take a look and hope you enjoy.

Dear Readers:

What do think of videography in this age? Would you prefer to have a good
photographer only knowing that videography could fill you up, on what you
perhaps missed on the day of the event?