Sending Guests Home With Favors: In or Out?



Dear Readers:

Last week, I asked you what wedding traditions you thought should be tossed and was downright fascinated by your responses.  One thing that surprised me the most was that a couple of readers suggested giving up wedding favors.  The reason I was so surprised was that I have come across a number of designers who have elevated wedding favors to an art form, selling the most interesting objects.  I was also surprised because favors are often a great way for planners and vendors to make extra income.
Now, it is true that I have received more than one frame as a giveaway, and if I never received another, it would be just fine with me.  But I think most people forget the real purpose of a gift. It’s simply a generous reminder of a fun evening. In keeping with that spirit of fun, generosity and kindness, I personally think this is a tradition that should never disappear.
That, of course, is my humble opinion.  
Now, I would like to hear yours. Do you think I should give away a favor at my upcoming wedding?  If so, do you have any suggestions?  What is the best favor you have ever received?
Happy Tuesday!
(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)