Scrap Your 5-Year Plan And Live In The Now



Dear Readers:

I recently met with a young man who was at a crossroads and in a panic. His life and career was not as he had hoped it would be and he was dealing with a lot of negativity brought on by people around her who seemed to be fighting (and losing) their own battles. He asked me, “I don’t have any idea where I want to be in five years and that scares me.” I felt so sorry for him because I realized in that moment that he was going about it in a way that would only make him feel worse.

One of the things I know to be true is that you will never know for certain where you will be in five or ten years. This is why I have always hated this question. You have to be open and realize that, as much as you may plan and think about things, life is constantly moving and there are other people in this world who will always change your plan. At times, it can feel overwhelming when we do not have a clear understanding of our long-term goals, but in reality, most of the time, the things we plan on (like the things we fear) do not come into fruition exactly as we see them in our heads.

I have found the best thing to do is to focus on doing your best and being your best every single day. At times, it will feel as though no one notices or appreciates your efforts and other days, you’ll get a compliment you never saw coming and it will be just the boost you need to keep going. The more you commit to giving your best (as an event professional, colleague, boss, employee, friend and so on) the more you will reap the positive rewards which will allow you to breath and notice the good in your life. You’ll be more creative, more inspired and more likely to notice those opportunities that you might miss out on when focusing on the negative.

Today, I want to ask you if you ever feel overwhelmed when you don’t know where you are headed and how you deal with it?