Reminder: To My Staff, Thank You


(Image via Nate Grigg)

As my company grows, I still struggle with how to be a good leader. At times, I find that it takes an immense amount of love and energy to deal with a group of folks with all the dynamics of an extended family.

As I see it in my business group there are three types:

  1. Those who think with their hearts. Mostly the creative group who, like myself, want to live in a cloud of beauty, regardless of how much it costs.
  2. The soul of my group: these are the ones who affect me deeply with their soulful selves. Even though they are not all women, they have that sweet, nurturing energy of the feminine that is all about love and patience.
  3. Those who think mostly with their heads. I resist and yet need this group the most. These are the ones watching over our heads to make sure we do not give away the house.

I consider them all to be my teachers. I just wanted to remind them all that I love them and thank them for putting up with my stubbornness and my ability to constantly change my mind at the last minute if something does not feel right.

When you are looking for someone to work for you, what qualities are most important to you? Please feel free to acknowledge that great person who works for you who loves your business as much as you do.