Reminder: New Year’s Business Resolutions


(Image via Snaxboy)

As we continue getting ready for the coming new year, I think it is the perfect time to start discussing our New Year’s Business Resolutions.

I’d like to remind myself of some past resolutions that have worked, and maybe incorporate a few new ones.

  1. Make peace with your business’ past so it won’t spoil the present.
  2. Call five former clients and tell them you appreciated their business.
  3. Work diligently to create a good website.
  4. Spend 30 minutes a day working on improving your creativity.
  5. Publicity is essential. Call three magazines or TV shows at least once a week.
  6. Make sure you make at least 50% profit on your services or items.
  7. Give the best service and care possible to all clients or potential clients.
  8. Create at least five designs and ideas never seen before.
  9. Create a new and great portfolio of all your work or services
  10. Make sure you leave time to spend with family and loved ones.

Resolutions are more effective if they are reachable, and at the same time doable.

Please share your New Year’s Business Resolutions, even if it means adapting a few of the above. Are there any business goals you’d like to accomplish for the New Year?