Reminder: Fill in the blanks


In today’s Reminder, I’d like to play a fun game to help us create or stay on our path.

You can answer one or as many as you like:

1. I am most happy, when I am creating________________.

2. If I allow myself to get up 2 hours earlier every day, what would I invest that time into creating?

3. What is the feeling I have after I finish a job well done?

4. Who is the most creatively supportive person in my life?

5. Finish this sentence. I believe I am getting better at__________________.

You could have the best business plan or ideas in the world, but what’s going to keep you moving towards success is the constant ability to keep your creative self present and alive.

I’d love to see the answers to any of these questions. If you’re inclined to share, leave them in the comments below!