Reminder: Business New Year’s Resolutions


(Image via Graham)

Hey folks, it’s that time of the year. What are your business New Year’s resolutions?

Here are a few of mine:

1. Become an astute observer.

2. Judge less and listen more.

3. Instead of grasping onto everything, let go and be patient.

4. Always remember that good fortune hides within misfortune.

5. Rather than seeking more, practice gratitude.

6. Spend at least 4 hours a day working on new designs and writing.

7. Practice listening more to what clients are not saying.

8. Trust my guardian angel.

9. Get past those fears that stop me from trying what I should.

10. Give more.

Resolutions can be a kind of meditation. They work better with constant practice. If any resolution does not work in January, we can easily start again anytime.

What are your New Year’s business resolutions and how gentle are you with yourself about putting them in place?