Reminder: 10 Business Practices We Might Want To Leave in 2010


Here are 10 business and personal practices we might want to consider leaving behind in 2010.

1. Being negative. “We have been taught to believe that negative equals ‘realistic’ while being ‘positive’ equals unrealistic”. –Susan Jeffers It usually takes more energy to be negative than positive.

2. Procrastination. As I write this blog, I can think of at least 8 Ideas I had this past year that never came to life because of my procrastination. Any idea is just that until you put it into action.

3. This desperate need to be perfect. “Do not fear mistakes, there are none.” –Miles Davis.

4. Leave all the “crazy makers” in our life behind. You know the ones: the friends and family that take up way too much of your time and energy with their unnecessary drama.

5. An obsessive need for fame. If you doubt how damaging this can be, please watch one episode of Bridezilla or The Jersey Shore. Fame might just find you, with your art.

(Image via Latente)

6. Giving away your services by undercharging. This should have been number one on this list. (More on this tomorrow…)

7. Being jealous of your peers. Jealousy can be a mask for fear, of us not having enough courage to act when others do.

8. Creating unreasonable deadlines to accomplish your dreams. For instance, you’ll only get that huge first wedding when someone is actually getting married, not when you want it. So, patience plus action is the key to your dreams.

9. Leaping before you look. Yes folks, I am also guilty of this. Years ago, I thought I could execute a high-end job without any problems. Well, I was completely wrong. After all these years, I am still learning he growing pains of doing a job effectively with a limited amount of errors.

10. Last but not least, leave behind your fears.

Progress is a better goal than perfection.

This last point, I’d like to invite you to elaborate on. If you were leaving behind one business fear this year, what would it be? Mine is the fear of writing my new book. Lots of procrastination there.