Refreshing Summer Centerpiece


flowers,table setting,centerpieces

In the dead heat of summer this centerpiece is perfect!

It looks difficult but in reality it is very do-able.

SHHH don’t tell your guests…

flowers,flower arrangements,floral design

Now that you have those you need to decide what kind of flowers you want to use, I chose all white ones to go along the lines of refreshing but I think color would look fabulous as well. Don’t forget to get flowers to float as well I used gardenias which are perfect little floaters and smell terrific.


Next you need to cut your flowers but make sure to do them in all different heights as it adds layers to your centerpiece. Tie your different bouquets up and sink your vases in the water and add your flowers. Since you can see the little vases we tried to add some texture by wrapping them in beeswax and putting a ti leaf in the bottom to hide the stems.

flowers,flower arrangements

Don’t forget to coordinate your table setting with your flowers!
Your guests are going to be so impressed!

floral design,flowers