Ready, Set, Showtime

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Dear Readers:

Happy Friday! My team and I are busy putting on the final touches for an event we are working hard on and I couldn’t help but notice the buzz of excitement that is in the air.

As planners, designers, production members, etc., we deal with so many months of planning, moving things around and responding to “emergencies” that it feels like there is a constant frantic energy. Then, a few days before the big day, there is a shift. That frantic energy turns into excitement; in your mind that “It’s showtime, folks!” feeling takes over and you’re more enthusiastic than panicked, running around, putting your final touches on everything in order to make it just so.

And, before you know it, you’re standing on the sidelines watching your clients enjoy what you hope with all of your heart is their dream-come-true.

It is in those moment that I feel a great sense of joy, knowing that I am doing my part, however small, to add to the happiness of those who allow me the honor of being a part of their special moment.

Tell me, as a designer, how you feel the day of the event? Do you feel more frazzled or excited?  Do you still feel that sense of awe when you see an event executed?  




(Photo Courtesy of First Comes Love)