Readers, How Do You Make Money?


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A week from today, I am scheduled to be a keynote speaker at Event Solutions’ 2012 Idea Factory in Las Vegas. If you’ve never attended, you have no idea what you’re missing; it’s such a fun and informative event. I had the great privilege of speaking last year, too, and I was surprised and delighted to walk into a packed room. The audience made me feel like a rock star; it was amazing!

I’m thrilled that I’ve been asked to come back. This year I’ll be speaking about something especially important to me: How to Make Money in the Event Industry.  I’ve already started writing my speech, but I’ve realized something is missing — I need more of you, my readers, in my talk.

If you feel comfortable, please share your success story with me in the comments of this post. I would be so appreciative. Tell me how you make money in our industry. (The more details the better!) I’d love to share your story and name with my audience next Monday.

Thank you, dear readers!

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