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This month has flown by, and it’s hard to believe it’s almost February — I’m still writing “2011” instead of “2012” on my checks!

I don’t tend to make lots of big New Year’s resolutions, but these last few weeks I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what I want 2012 to look and feel like for me and my business. I’ve found myself turning again and again to this blog and to you, my readers; some of my best thinking comes after reading your comments here.

Our recent discussion about trusting in your creative ability and learning how to know your work is good has given me an idea, and I’m really excited about it:

This year, I want ALL of us — no matter where we are in our careers — to reach out to someone else in the business. Every one of us has some kernel of wisdom to share. And the more you share, the more wisdom you’ll reap in return.

Even if you’ve only been in business a year, find someone in your community who’s only been in business a month or someone who hasn’t even opened their business yet but is thinking about it and feeling a little overwhelmed. Offer one piece of advice or an encouraging word. Think about what you wish someone had told you at an earlier point in your career — then go find someone who needs that information right now.

I know all of us are incredibly busy, but we all have time to offer at least one tip every month to a peer. That’s it. Once a month, be a mentor. You can do it in person. On the phone. Over email. Twitter. Facebook. Text message. Anywhere and anyhow! We all need mentors, whether we’ve been in the business decades or days, and I believe in the power of sharing what we know. It will come back to you.

Dear Readers, have you gone out of your way for anyone in the wedding and event industry recently? If so, please share your random act of (professional) kindness! If not, tell me what you’d like to do for someone else, and then go do it!

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