Question for the Floral Designers


Today I’ll like to reach out to all you floral designers and floral aficionados. I need your help.

Presently, I am finishing my fifth book called Preston Bailey Flowers. The main topic, of course, is flowers.

I fell in love with the perfection of flowers over 30 years ago, and am still in awe at the effect its presence has in my events and my everyday life.

Only my fellow florists could possibly understand how healing and exciting it is to work with the beauty of flowers.

I’d like to get a bit of direction from you with four questions as I finish my book:

1. Do you think the modern, contemporary floral arrangement has been over used?

2. If you have any of my four other books, what floral arrangements did you or your clients like best?

3. What would you like to see more of in my new book Preston Bailey Flowers?

4. What floral arrangements did you not like in my prior books? (List as many as you want.)

Please feel free to answer one or all of the above questions. Your suggestions and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.