Price Transparency: Tall Floral Centerpieces


Tall Pink Floral Centerpieces Preston Bailey

Depending on the venue and an event’s style, sometimes flowers with a lot of height look best. Tall centerpieces make a grand and dramatic statement, which is why I love them. (And if you want to set yourself apart from other florists, create your own unique tall floral displays!)

Recently, I designed a small dinner party for eight guests, all of whom were going to sit around a single table. My client had only two request: she wanted lots of pink and lots of flowers.

Since we were only using one table, and it was an intimate gathering, I decided to create an over-the-top and fabulous centerpiece. However, I’m going to stop right there and pick this discussion up again on Monday: I’ll share the breakdown of how I priced this design then. I promise you’ll be surprised!

In the meantime, dear readers, how much do you think this somewhat over-the-top centerpiece cost?

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