Price Transparency: Tall Floral Centerpieces Part II


Tall Pink Floral Centerpieces Preston Bailey

Last Thursday I told you about a tall centerpiece I created for an intimate dinner party. And today, as promised, I’d like to share the details of just how I priced it.

However, before I do, here are a few reminders about pricing flowers:

1. You are not only selling flowers: you are also selling your design, talent and overhead.
2. It is your responsibility to educate your clients, and make sure they understand they’re getting a lot more than just flowers.
3. If you do not charge enough, you will not be a florist for very long.

Most people commented last week that they would never be able to get clients to pay the prices I was writing about. But, please folks, you’re missing the point! The point is that regardless of your clientele, it’s essential to breakdown what you spend and then charge accordingly.

In looking over the comments from last Thursday’s post, I was also very surprised that not one person came close to guessing the accurate centerpiece cost.

So, what’s the answer? Here it is:

Preston Bailey Price Breakdown Tall Centerpiece Cost

Total Price of Centerpiece (100% markup): $2754

Dear Readers, let’s educate each other. We’re all from different countries and cities, and we all have our own unique points of view. So please, tell us, what is the most you think you could charge for a tall arrangement in your area. Thanks!

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