Price Transparency: Flowers


preston bailey low floral centerpiece pricing

Pricing is always a challenge. I truly believe that the reason our clients sometimes resist paying our prices is because they simply do not understand what things actually cost. We’re partly to blame for this, because we resist complete transparency with both our clients and with other vendors, fearing they’ll outbid us.

I’d like to spend a few blog posts this week discussing transparency. I’ll share what things truly cost in several different industries in our business. Today, I’ll start with the cost of flowers. (Later in the week, I’ll move on to planning, music, lighting, and food.)

Here’s a test for all my florist readers: If you were pricing a low centerpiece that included a glass vase filled with roses and hydrangeas and placed on a cymbidium orchid pedestal, how much would you charge?

A) $350
B) $550
C) $700
D) None of the above

Please share your answer in the comments below! In tomorrow’s blog, I’ll explain exactly what I charged for this centerpiece and why.