Price Breakdown For Escort Statement Piece


Pearl escort table, Preston Bailey

Dear Readers,


Yesterday, I posted a letter from Price Curious who had made a wager with his/her staff as to how much my escort card statement piece cost. As promised, here is the cost and a glimpse of how we arrive at our prices.

 The Flowers Used:

50 stems of green Hydrangeas

75 stems of super green roses

10 stems of green cymbidiums orchids

10 stems of mini white cymbidiums orchids

15 stems of white cattleya orchids

6 stems of green phalaenopsis orchids

20 peaces of hand made rose hanging petals. (these tend to be very time consuming)

Wisteria vine

Green Bamboo trellis.


The Cost Breakdown:

Flower cost $950.

Supplies $160

Labor $290

Rental of pot from my personal collection $100

My total cost: $1,500


I have always try to be transparent with my pricing. What I did was to mark everything up 100%

The right answer was: A. $3,000.

The downside of been in a high-end market, is that everyone (including all the comments yesterday), assume that we are much more expensive than we really are. Mind you we are not cheap, yet the prices are what they are.



If you are a florist or designer: Do you agree with the the 100% mark up system? How do you price your arrangements?

If you have any questions in regards to pricing, please do not hesitate to ask.  I’ll answer in future blogs.


(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)