Preston, I think using a lot of flowers is a waste.” What do you say?



From a lovely bride
“Preston, I think using a lot of flowers is a waste.” What do you say?

I admit that I have been in love with flowers. I can be around flowers 24/7 and never get tired of looking at them especially when put together in an elegant manner. Most of my clients and I have one thing in common, and that is our love for flowers.  You can’t imagine how to bewilder I was when one of my brides shared her likes and dislikes with me disclosing that she wants a very dramatic wedding, but does not want to use any flowers and may go with flowers as an accent. She said that she love fine lines and candles.

This bride was not at all hesitant to share her opinion as how tired she was of all those weddings that she attended; that had all those gorgeous flowers just for a couple of hours use. She thought it was such a waste.

I gently try to explain to her that, “ The beauty of celebrating with flowers, is the long lasting memory that they create”, but she did not want to comprehend the fact that many vendors like myself rearrange these flowers and donate to the nursing homes where they get in use.

As they say, the client is always right so in this case my bride is correct.  I decided to run my imagination to create something that the couple could live with years later. Hence, I created my bride’s reception tables using crystals balls as sculptures with tons of real votives candles that she loved.

Dear readers:

What do you think? Am I living in a floral bubble.
Do you think flowers are still in or out?