Preston Bailey Spotlight Series: Lenee Valentine

PB Spotlight Series: Lenee Valentine

PB Spotlight Series: Lenee Valentine

Dear Readers:

In today’s Spotlight Series, I am profiling Lenee Valentine, founder of Lenee Valelntine, Inc., an event design and planning company based in the DC, Metropolitan Area. As you know, this series was started in the spirit of building a stronger community and getting to know our colleagues on a more personal basis. As always, feel free to submit yourself in the comment section below. Be sure to give us your company name, website, and why you’d like to be spotlighted. You must also confirm that you have “liked” our PB Facebook page.
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So when you discovered that working in events was your passion?
As far as I can remember, I would always enjoy catering to and making people happy. Creating and designing has always been a part of me from a very early age. I would be out on the town and I’d notice the trees along the curbside. In my eyes, they were covered with snow and sparkling diamonds for a summer-time winter wonderland–that’s just me. Growing up, those moments were often and I’d only be brought back into the present by someone yelling my name until eventually they’d just say she’s having one of her fairytale dreams.

What did you do beforehand?
I worked in the hospitality industry with hotels as a Sales Coordinator for about 6 years. Then I began working for a property management company as a property administrator.

Tell us about your biggest event success?
My biggest event successes are always when I’m faced with a client with a small budget, but big dreams. There is no greater feeling than taking on the challenge of designing and creating atmospheres that transform spaces beyond their wildest dreams, using limited budgets.


PB Spotlight Series: Lenee Valentine
I believe that each of us have something unique and special to offer clients, what do you feel sets you apart?
I believe that what sets me apart is my passion to turn my clients’ fairytales into touchable realities. Not only do I want to please my clients, but I seek to cater to each of their guests, creating experiences that entice all five senses— touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. For just a few hours, they are placed into a world that they will never forget.

Working in events is often a full time job, especially when you are committed to your clients. How do you find that balance between your personal and professional life?
Overall, God keeps me pretty center and focused on what’s really important in life. My friends and family mean a lot to me and the most intimate time spent with them is over dinner, sharing awesome conversations and being loved just for who I am. During my alone time, I write in a gratitude journal so I won’t complain about the little things.

Finally, describe the event of your dreams. What is the budget, theme, location?
The event of my dreams, by far, would be my own wedding. The budget would be enough that each of my guests would be pampered and showered from beginning to end, making them feel like Kings and Queens—from the hand delivery of each invitation to the final dance and parting gift. The theme would be artistic expressions of love, and this magical experience would take place in Florence, Italy.

Photo Courtesy of Lenee Valentine Inc