Preston Bailey Spotlight Series: Angie Candella


 Preston Bailey Spotlight Series: Angie Candella

Dear Readers:  In today’s blog in the Spotlight Series, I am pleased to share my interview with Angie Candella, founder of La Candella Weddings Photography. As always, I am always eager to profile those in our industry, so if you are interested in being interviewed, please see how to do so below!

Preston Bailey Spotlight Series: Angie Candella

I love hearing each person’s story. Tell us – when did you discover that working in events was your passion?

I have always had an interest in photography. My background is in fashion photography; from that, it has grown to wedding and bridal photography. I adore being able to make a couple feel like they are in a fairytale through my photos.

What did you do beforehand?

I’m also a fashion photographer, and still do that as my day job – I do weddings on the weekend and am trying to get into them more and more.

Tell us about your biggest event success.

That would definitely be the last wedding I photographed. The decorations were gorgeous. It was in a big white barn with lots of rustic details and a huge candy table. The mother of the bride was a florist, so all the flowers were to die for. Plus the bride and groom were the sweetest people ever.

I believe that each of us has something unique and special to offer clients. What do you feel sets you apart from other photographers? 

My background in fashion, my love of anything vintage and my obsession with playing with light all help to create a very different style of photography that is very rare for wedding photographers.

Working in events is often a full time job, especially when you are committed to your clients. How do you find that balance between your personal and professional life?
I truly think the only reason why I can balance everything is because my family and friends are so supportive of what I do. I love photography and making people feel beautiful in their photos, so that motivates me to do my best work no matter what.
Finally, describe the event of your dreams.  

I’m actually planning my own wedding for next year, so I’d have to describe that. The ceremony is in front of a historical museum. The colors are pink and gold with a Victorian theme. There will be long pink flower stems tied to the chairs along the aisle. The reception will be in a barn next to the museum, with pink tulle draped on the rafters, along with pink flower lights and flowers hanging from the rafters. Right outside of the barn there will be a birdcage where guests can hang butterfly cards with words of advice. The centerpieces will be candelabras with flowers and we are draping one to the other with pearl strands. Above the head table we will hang a gold chandelier covered in pink roses. I’m so excited – I wish I could photograph it!

Preston Bailey Spotlight Series: Angie Candella

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(Photos courtesy of Angie Candella).