PB Hot Pick: Create Ur Plate Designs

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Dear Readers:
When it comes to throwing a great party, most of us can agree that it always comes down to a great theme and special attention to the details.  Now, I want you to imagine throwing a party where you can easily change the look of your plates to bring your chosen theme to life–whatever it is. 
When I came across these customized plate options from Create URPlate , I could not help but to think of all of you planners, designers and shower-throwing maid-of-honor’s who are looking for fun and creative ways to spoil your guests with something new and different. From intimate proposals and romantic weddings to holiday dinners and Mother’s Day brunches, I personally think the creative possibilities and endless. I would consider using each plate as a name card for guests.
I know a lot of you are wondering how it works. By placing the changeable cling (called an M8) at the bottom of each plate, you are able to change the design immediately. There are no minimums on M8’s which allows you to personalize each plate, creating one or several looks.
Question: Is this something you’ll use for your event? I personally think these are very cool.