PB Brides: The Tale of Three Very Rude Wedding Guests


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Dear Readers:

Very recently, I attended an event and was shocked at how late three of the guests were. This couple and their friend walked into the wedding reception two and a half hours into the event. They had missed the ceremony and walked in right as the father-of-the-bride was welcoming everyone.  He actually stopped talking while they searched for their seats.

The worst part was that they were in the hotel the entire time.  This, understandably, was the hushed talk of the event with many family and friends feeling as though they should have not even bothered coming.  The bride and groom seemed to enjoy their evening without the slightest attention to these rude guests, but it had me thinking about how many times I have witnessed guests behave in ways that were disrespectful of the couple who so generously welcomed them to share in their very special celebration.

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Today, I want to ask all of you to share any “rude” behavior you have witnessed guests engage in at an event or wedding. I am asking this in the hopes that those who might not know what constitutes as “rude” might avoid an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation.

Also, what do you think? Should these guests have skipped the event all together?