PB Brides: The Awful Groom Is Marrying The Bride In The Same Venue As His First Wife!


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Dear Preston:

This is so crazy and I cannot believe I am writing to you, but I have a small dilemma. I am not a bride-to-be, but a guest who has just found out that my friend is getting married at the same place he booked his wedding with his first wife (who is a dear friend of many of the guests). The bride-to-be, a lovely woman, has no idea. Sadly, this is not the first “repeat” in their relationship. I cannot help but to feel this poor woman deserves to know that one-third of her guests are in on this dirty secret.

My husband, a good friend of the groom, doesn’t think highly of the decision, but insists that I stay silent. I have agreed to oblige, but now I am so disgusted with the groom that I don’t want to attend the wedding.

Worst Kept Secret

Dear Worst Kept Secret:

I was curious to see what this groom looked like so I looked up the word “lazy” in the dictionary. There was another (more recent) photo under “thoughtless”.

While I share your disgust in the groom’s decision-making, I agree with your husband that, unless the bride-to-be is a close friend of yours, it’s best to keep your lips sealed on this one. You say the bride doesn’t know the history behind the venue, but we also do not know what has been discussed between the bride and groom. Your mention of this topic will upset the groom either way, placing both you and your husband in a difficult position.

That said, I can understand your feeling awkward, especially since when and if the bride finds out, she will know that many of her guests spent the evening toasting her in a repeat venue. Whether she’ll brush it off, feel foolish, or be deeply hurt is not for us to know, but it would have been nice of her husband-to-be to think about. What a creep this poor woman is marrying!

Readers: What do you think this stunned guest should do?