PB Brides: Can You Please Choose A Honeymoon Destination For Us?


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Dear Preston:

My husband and I are completely exhausted by wedding planning and are still without a honeymoon idea! We want something very luxurious but also private and have already done Bali, Thailand and the Maldives. Do you have any suggestions that are different? Something that is private, beautiful and relaxing?

Take Me Away

Dear Take Me Away:

First of all, congratulations on your wedding. Secondly, I have what I feel may be the perfect place for you. I have never made a secret of my deep respect and admiration for mother nature.  I truly feel the designs found in the natural world far surpass anything a man or woman can make, and I humbly turn to the world around us for inspiration on almost a daily basis.  It was for this reason that I was beyond excited to visit Alta Gracia last year. So, Take Me, you’re getting a review based from personal experience this time.

A luxury boutique hacienda tucked away in the gorgeous mountains in Pérez Zeledon in the southern region of Costa Rica,  AltaGracia offers an idea balance of natural elegance and concierge customer service.  My husband, Theo, and I quickly agreed that it was the perfect place to spend our Christmas holiday. Having traveled all over the world, I have been blessed to enjoy a number of beautiful hotels and I can say, without exception, that this was one of the very best. Theo and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the welcoming and attentive staff, the stunning landscapes and the private casitas that were perfect for honeymooning couples who want to relax and frolik after months of wedding planning and the excitement of the big day.

As a business owner and event designer, I truly appreciate the art of good customer service and what made Alta Gracia so incredibly special was the “little extra’s” that were offered.  The way we were welcomed and cared for throughout our stay was truly reminiscent of the way one would treat dear friends staying in their home.

From the exciting helicopter pick-up’s at the airport to the wonderful curated baskets of homemade pastries, breads, tea’s and hot chocolate to the extensive spa menu’s (and amazing treatments), this venue offers ample opportunities for deep relaxation and luxury in a serene and meditative atmosphere.

Truly adhering to the country’s national concept of Pura Vida (Pure Life), all of the pools are filled with 100% spring water and are surrounded by long, beautiful trails which are perfect for those who want to go horseback riding on the 860-acre grounds (the property boasts 22 stables). Cooking classes, meditation rooms and hiking paths are all options as are trips to nearby national parks.

I hope you and your new husband enjoy it as much as we did and I am happy to share this with all of you couples who are interested in doing something different for your honeymoon and all of you planners looking for a beautiful location option.

What is your favorite place to visit for “private luxury”?