Party Planning: The Final Invite


As we talked about in an earlier post, the invite is an important first step in party planning. Today, I’m really happy to share with you the final concept we came up with for the invitation to my Celebrations book launch party.  But first, I have to say that I loved hearing all your ideas for the potential concept of the invitation.

Here are some ideas you shared with me:
• The invitation as a puzzle
• Me as a shirtless gladiator on a chariot
• Me on a bed of roses à la American Beauty
• An invitation in the shape of flower, using a color scheme of different shades of purple
• An invite told in a story format handwritten on a brown card
• Champagne bottles as invitations with custom labels

I actually loved the American Beauty concept so much that we tried it out. Here’s the image of me in comparison to the original image from the movie (you can click on the image to make it bigger):
Book Cover
As you can see, I’m no Mena Suvari, so we nixed it.

Luckily, I have a private creative consultant (who also happens to be my partner) Theo Bleckmann, who has helped me create concepts for some of my past party invitations. We were talking about New York City landmarks and became inspired by the statue of Atlas holding up the world on his shoulders in Rockefeller Center. It is such an iconic image in a landmark destination.

I was so fascinated by the image that I felt it was the right direction to go in. Here’s the final invitation:


I’m working with the fabulous Ellen Weldon to produce these invitations. She is such an amazing, innovative invitation designer and definitely one of my go-to ladies when I need a beautiful invite designed.

What do you think of the invitation? Let me know in the comments.